Help Make Alabama a Dementia Capable State

I have exciting news!

Last week I had the privilege of going to the Alabama State House with a wonderful group of people from the Alzheimer’s Association to lobby our State Senators and Representatives on behalf of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia in Alabama.

Due to the efforts of the Alzheimer’s Association and others, our legislature will be dropping a bill on Tuesday to create the “Alabama Alzheimer’s State Plan Taskforce.” This taskforce will assess the preset and future needs of those in Alabama with dementia and address the best ways for our state to deal with the many issues that go along with these horrible diseases, including caregiver training, Medicaid funding and other economic and social impacts of dementia.

PLEASE HELP make sure this important initiative passes by emailing your local Senator and Representative and asking that they vote YES on the “Alabama Alzheimer’s State Plan Taskforce.” You can get your congressperson’s email address by following the link below and using the “Find Your Legislator” tab on the left.

When you are done, please feel free to forward this information to your Alabama family and friends!!

Thank you for your support of a fight for a cure!


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