My own little miracle……

        My husband has encouraged me to try something new this year with my newsletter and blog posts.  He has asked that I make them more personal and tell more stories about myself.  He says they are more endearing to the reader.  I think he, as my editor, does not want to read any more about Wills, public benefits or insurance policies.  But, I have decided to take his challenge to heart.  The problem is that I am just not so interesting.

This month I was at a complete loss as to what to write about.  What interesting thing has happened to me since the excitement of cleaning out the garage?   None…..

As a matter of fact, this was not a great month.  Two weeks ago, I lost my earring.  Now this may seem like no big deal, but it was a special earring.  It was a freshwater pearl, probably worth no more than $50.00 for the set.  But, my husband had given me that earring on our 5th anniversary.  I was in law school and he was a first year teacher.  We were very poor, very stressed out, and $50.00 was probably all the money he had to his name.  It was a gift that I treasured and that I hoped to wear for the rest of my life.  I cannot imagine a $5,000.00 pair of earrings having more value in my eyes.

To make matters worse, in two weeks I was to go on a United Methodist Women’s retreat with one of my very best friends in the world, my precious sister-in-law Christine.  However, when I mailed my check in last month, it got returned for an incorrect zip code.  So, I resent it.  Yesterday I got an email from Christine that the check was still not there and to call a number and talk to them about it.  So, I called the number this morning and it was disconnected.

Knowing this was a sign from God that I was not to attend this retreat, I sent an email to the Church letting them know that I was unable to reach them at the number given.  I expected no call back and had written this weekend off.

A few minutes later I got a call from the woman planning the retreat.  I have never met this woman but I just blurted out, “I think this is a sign from God that I am not to go on this retreat.  I just do not think He wants me there.”  The sweet woman said no, and that she mistyped the number and they had lost a few other checks as well.  She continued on about how God certainly wants me there and that these were certainly not His acts.  Honestly, I had sort of quit listening to her.  As you all know, I think hard about the decisions I make, but when I make them they are solid.  I had already decided God did not want me on this retreat.   Surely if He did, He would not keep letting these mishaps happen.  My phone started cutting out as she spoke, and I moved to the window to try to get better reception to tell her I was not coming.  As I did so, I looked down on the floor in front of my office window and there it was shining in the light… earring.  The earring I had painstakingly searched for in my office, my home, my car, the Courthouse, even the grocery store.  It was lying unharmed in the light of the window I open every day, in a spot twice vacuumed since the loss of the jewelry.  Certainly, if I was looking for my sign from God, there it was shining in the light of his Sun.


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