Veteran’s Benefits – A Great Way to Pay for Long Term Care at Home

This June, I had the wonderful opportunity of attending the National Conference for the Veteran’s Advocates Group of America.  Meeting with other Veteran’s Advocates who are as passionate as I am about assuring that our veteran’s are getting all of the benefits they deserve was both a rewarding and educational experience!


It saddened me to hear that there are currently over 25 million US Veterans eligible for benefits, while only about 30% of our senior veterans are receiving benefits to which they are entitled!




Because our senior veterans are unaware of the benefits due to them and their surviving spouses!


If you or a loved one meets the following criteria, the Aid & Attendance program may entitle you to up to $1,949.00 a month in additional income!


  1. Over the age of 65 (or permanently disabled);
  2. Served 90 consecutive days in the military;
  3. Discharged other than dishonorable; and
  4. Need some assistance with daily activity.


I ask each of you this month, to tell each Veteran and widow of a veteran that you know of these possible benefits.  It is a shame that we have people who have sacrificed for our country that are not receiving the benefits to which they are entitled!  Encourage them to contact me or any VA accredited attorney to assure they are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to!!


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