Love Stories

Every couple has a story to tell.  My husband Chad and I were so excited to discover that our “love story,” along with 10 other outstanding local couples, had been chosen as part of the cover article in the February issue of Birmingham Magazine.  Here is an excerpt from the Birmingham Magazine article:


Kim Brannon

36, attorney

Chad Brannon

37, teacher

Married 13 years as of March 21, 2010

It was a shared interest in music that brought Kim and Chad Brannon together nearly 15 years ago. The two met at a Neal Pattman blues show while they were students at the University of Georgia.

“I remember her glowing,” Chad says. “She had on a beautiful winter sweater.”

Despite the fact that Chad asked for Kimberly’s number, he never called.

“Three months later, I remember a cute man following me to the laundromat,” Kim says. “He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket with about 30 phone number combinations on it. He told me he had lost my number but tried to guess it so he could ask me on a date.”

That night at the laundromat, Chad did ask Kim out. “I didn’t mess it up that time!” he says.

Now married with two little girls, the couple has been through a lot in their years together, from Kim’s years in law school to Chad’s challenging first years as a teacher. “As our lives have changed, so have we,” Kim says. “But the love we have for one another, and the acceptance of each other’s strengths and flaws have kept us strong through our successes and failures. It’s exciting to imagine what our next adventure together will be.”



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